Mitsunari release campaign

Event Period: Until 12/03/2018 5pm (PST)

"Mitsunari Release Campaign is happening now! Choose to date Mitsunari and get fabulous bonus items!

Sample Edit

Mitsunari release campaign sample

All Bonuses Edit

1. Choose Mitsunari by 10/25 6pm (PST) - Closet Storage x 4, Chapter Ticket x 5

2. Finish Capter 5 by 10/28 6pm (PST) - Daisy Hairclip

3. Finish One Ending (Dramatic or Romantic) by 11/08 5 pm (PST) - Darling Yellow and Purple Obi

4. Finish Both Endings (Dramatic and Romantic) by 12/02 5pm (PST) - Angelic Light Yellow Kimono