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• 11/14/2018

Wiki Adoption


I recently found this wiki and i've been making some edits last week, adding images, informations, formatting some texts and some things more.

Also i've noticed that the actual adm/bureaucraft hasn't made new entries or edits since last year, so this wiki is totally abandoned.

I got some ideas for new cathegories, pages, etc so i got to know: is someone is against my adoption request ou have any thoughts about it?

Ikémen Sengoku has a relatively small fanbase (at least outside Japan, from where i know), and i think putting some organization in this wiki can help us spread this great game.

Please leave your thoughts on this. I promise i'll make my very best to work as an adm/bureaucraft to this wiki and make it be as great as it can be!

Thanks for your consideration, hope we can do a nice job together!

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• 11/19/2018

I'm fairly new to the fandom and for me it's needless to say that this wikia has been very helpful so far!

I've seen you've been working here and taking care of pratically everything by yourself, that's something really impressive, I do hope you can expand your work by adopting the wikia, keep it up!

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